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Spring Fling 2011

Spring Fling 2011

We at Mason-Dixon TDC extend our invitation to all diesel enthusiasts to participate in our annual Spring Dyno Event/BBQ. This year, the fling will again be a two-day event so we can try to get everyone who desires to dyno onto the 'Humbler' and shake off their winter cobwebs.

The Dates

Saturday & Sunday, March 19-20; Rain Or Shine

The Place

Dave Guy Racing
901 Range End Road
Dillsburg,PA 17019

The Cost

$75 for 3 spins with HP/TQ readings.

Event Information and Class Rules Click!

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Closing Remarks

After the event closed, Jim Peter, co-president, raved, "What a great weekend! I'd like to give a huge THANKS to everyone who participated and made the show such a great success. Thanks to Dave Guy at Dave Guy Racing and his awesome crew for keeping the trucks rolling though the dyno bay. Thanks to all of the club officers, who did an outstanding putting this show together. Thanks to all who made donations, and participated in the Curtis Rice Memorial Shootout. There isn't much more I can say, other than I am already looking forward to Fall Brawl. It will be the 10th anniversary of the club, and will be our biggest and best event!"

Vice president Greg thanked all who contributed to the Curtis Rice Memorial Shootout. "We raised another $140 for Denton's college fund through your generosity." Treasurer Scott was very pleased with the weather, 100 DPVs filling the yard, greatly appreciative of the efforts put forth by all, and even more thankful that no one's died from his cooking yet. No, we won't be nicknaming him "Ptomaine Scott." This time.

For as many as attended, the grounds were quite clean afterward; but there's room for improvement. Considering how soft the ground was, y'all drove carefully across the grass. Our gracious hosts do appreciate your efforts! Food was, again, a bit tight. This fall, we may try a new rule-of-thumb: bring enough food for yourself and one other person. That should guarantee enough eats for all, even those with voracious appetites.

We'll close with a side note from Dockboy. "While compiling the dyno results, it was pretty clear why they call the dyno 'The Humbler.' Of the 28 people who entered the shootout, 21 guessed more than their actual HP and only seven guessed under. Even more interesting is the range. Of the people who guessed lower than the actual, the average guess was a difference of 18 HP. Of those who guessed over, the average was 69 HP high!! There was a handful who guessed over 100, even 200 HP too high!!"

You have six months to tune your trucks and your estimates! Hope to see y'all at the 10th Fall Brawl!